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About Hummingbird Ranch | Resident Partners
The Land | How To Be Involved

Hummingbird Ranch

Those of us involved with Global Family are all committed to shifting consciousness from separation and fear to unity and love and to live our lives from a deep sense of connection with all beings on earth.

We recognize that this is a moment to moment process and is greatly served by being in community with those who share the same values and are bonded in a heartfelt resonance. We also recognize that not everyone has the opportunity to live in a small community atmosphere. Therefore, in support of our larger global community, we are creating tools and processes which can be utilized anywhere we choose to create "community" — in a neighborhood, a church, a school, or in our place of work.

Hummingbird Ranch

Hummingbird Ranch was created by a core team within Global Family as a way to model the consciousness which is seeking expression in our world at this time. As a living laboratory for the evolution of consciousness, the community is engaged in a sacred experiment to create a loving and compassionate world.

Members of Hummingbird are committed to both personal and global transformation. It is our desire to model a sustainable integrated lifestyle deeply attuned to the wisdom inherent in nature. Young and old alike are working together in a spirit of reverence, building a co-creative culture that embodies integrity, cooperation, respect, trust and love.

All ages are discovering and learning the skills and knowledge necessary for living lightly on the land. Integrated systems such as perma-culture, bio-dynamic farming, geomancy, and sacred architecture are being studied and applied. Renewable forms of energy and alternative building styles model new possibilities for living in harmony with nature. Plans are being formulated for the creation of a sustainable eco-economy. This would be accomplished through stewardship of the land and forests and establishment of a diversity of cottage industries.

The beauty and healing qualities of the land provide nurturance for body, mind and spirit of all who come to this sanctuary. The healing power of the land is further enhanced by the sharing of specific healing practices by resident and visiting healers. Individual retreats and group gatherings offer a variety of opportunities for personal growth.

An appreciation for the arts will be expressed through the development of programs in dance, music, visual arts, literature and theater. A diversity of religious and spiritual traditions are honored while recognizing our intrinsic interconnection with all people.

Please visit these websites to learn more about  Hummingbird Living School and Hummingbird Community.

About Hummingbird Ranch | Resident Partners
The Land | How To Be Involved


The next Buddha may not be an individual, but an enlightened community.

— Thich Nhat Hanh



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